What devices does this docking station support? This FAQ refers to P03S?

This docking station requires computer/smartphone with a thunderbolt 3 or a full-featured USB C port that supports DP ALT mode.

What is DP ALT mode?

DisplayPort over Alt Mode. DisplayPort Alt Mode (DP Alt Mode) allows a USB-C equipped computer to connect directly to a display or monitor.

Type C gen1/2 and thunderblot3 will be compatible.

Will this work with 3 monitors one on HDMI, DP, and VGA?

If you laptops support MST extend mode, then yes, but most windows support max 2 monitors extended, mac OS only support mirror and non-mirror mode, non-mirror mode shows 3 same monitors but differ from the laptop.

Does it work with macbook pro 2019 edition?

This dock can work with macbook pro 2019 edition.

Would this work on Dell Latitude 7480 and Lenovo T480 for dual monitors?

Yes, this dock can work with Dell Latitude 7480 and Lenovo T480, also support dual monitors setup.

Can this docking station support older laptop with usb 3.0 ports by using usb type C to type A converter?

No, it can't, any converter is not recommended, it may cause some unknown issues.

Can DisplayPort connect to mini DisplayPort with mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable?

Yes, please make sure use a standard or original mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, this dock have a DisplayPort 1.2, support 4K@30Hz.

Can the HDMI and VGA be used as the same time?

Hi, Yes, you can use the hdmi and vga as the same time, the resolution can up to 4Kx2K@30Hz.
Please make sure that the original or standard cable to connect your monitor/TV/projector is using.

Will this extend displays between two monitors and the laptop using the hdmi port and the display port?

Yes, it will. The resolution 3840*2160P@30Hz.

Curious about micro SD card support. Does this only read from it, or can I write to it as well?

Yes, the micro sd slot supports read and write.

What is DP ALT mode?


Yes. It can. When mounting power-hungry devices (such as power need is more than 1.5A SSD or HDD) through the USB3.0 port, an external PD (USB-C) power adapter is recommended to be used, so that the external hard drive can work properly.

What is DP ALT mode?


Hello, it is the total for the entire dock.

What is DP ALT mode?


It doesn't need its own power cord. Just connect Type-c male port and if you need to charge your laptop, connect power adapter into type-C female port (PD).

What is DP ALT mode?


It will not charge a laptop unless you plug in a type-c charging adapter to type-C PD port. There are 2 type-C female ports, one is for PD charging (20V/5A), the other is for data transmission (5Gbps).