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At BKR we strive to empower our customers through groundbreaking advancements in upgrades and solutions for Mac, PC, and mobile devices. With an emphasis on superior service, quality, value, and environmental responsibility, we are committed to the creation of technology that inspires the imagination and a world where everything is possible.

Our Team


BKR is a fast-paced, friendly atmosphere that advocates ingenuity and encourages every employee to contribute ideas towards the discovery of the next innovative concept that could change the world of technology. Our shared vision of the ultimate customer experience is a key component to achieving the industry-leading results BKR has become known for around the globe. We firmly believe that the best in life is obtained through dedicated teamwork and creativity.

The BKR Customer Experience


At BKR, we don't simply make products, but solutions that truly change the lives of our customers by extending the life and capabilities of their computers and mobile devices. Each and every BKR technology innovation is beautifully designed, engineered for unparalleled reliability and performance, and backed by the highest quality customer service possible. We also believe in true customer empowerment through the provision of unique education content, free to all, which enables individuals with the ability to perform installations and upgrades on their own.